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The Eventful Day

I love reading books. It is a part of me. It makes me complete. The thrill and enjoyment I get while reading books cannot be explained in words by me. The good fictional stories always manages to steal my breath away. The refreshment I  get while reading a book is better than all other sorts of entertainment for me.

Well, since I like reading so much I thought why not try my hand in writing? So I took up a fictional story writing task for a magazine which we a class were publishing on a activity. Our topic was nuclear disaster. So here is the story:


I can’t forget that eventful day, which changed the lives of our city forever.

I was sitting in my room studying for the exam next day when suddenly the earth started to tremble. Mom shrieked and we all went outside. The earthquake felt intense enough to trigger tsunami waves. So dad started the car and we sped to a higher place for safety.

Soon the warnings started pouring in from authorities about the devastating tsunami and people were in panic evacuating their homes. We left our car due to traffic and headed uphill. Soon the tsunami waves flooded the coastal regions destroying everything that came into its path.

We weren’t high enough to avoid the waves. Soon a stream of black water, mixed with debris engultsunamifed us. We somehow managed to clutch a tree to prevent from flowing with the water. Something hit my mother’s knee and it was badly bruised.

When the water receded, we went farther uphill with mom limping and occasionally crying out in pain. After some time, some rescue workers found us and helped mom to a local hospital. After a day, mom’s knee got better.

That day, we are peacefully having our lunch when a huge explosion shook the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power station. The tsunami had knocked off its electricity supply, cutting off the cooling system, and setting in motion a series of three nuclear meltdowns. The explosion terrified local people and prompted the government to order mass evacuations within 20km of the plant. 

The doctors and nurses too fled from the hospital despite the fact that the hospital was outside the 20km area. We stayed in the hospital that day but next day we too evacuated the hospital and reached the evacuation camp where people were being airlifted to the rehabilitation camp. Mom needed medical attention and was airlifted first. It was post 2hours later when it was our turn to get airlifted.

When we reached the camp, we straightaway went to the makeshift hospital where we found mom lying in a bed with her right leg in a plaster. I rushed to my mom shrieking. We all got enveloped in a big hug and cried in tears for long. Finally we were safe!post 1

In the following days, we got to know the extent of the disaster. The 9 magnitude earthquake combined by the tsunami whose waves rose up to 40 m high had struck Japan’s mainland. The nuclear reactor meltdown had worsened the conditions. I felt proud of my fellow citizens who despite the fact that they weren’t making out of the reactor’s office alive did all in their power to minimize the effects of the meltdown.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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