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Say Something Nice

Our school curriculum devotes several periods in a week to value education classes. In these classes we are tauht various morals, etiquette and values of life. Every class we come up with a new topic and express our thought and views on the topic. Then we are expected to write about them in our assigned notebooks.

The value education classes are fun and give us a break from studies and also teaches us the important values of life. Her is what I we talked about in our last class.


According to me, it is a nice topic to discuss upon. As I explained earlier, what we do, our teacher asked us to share our views on what we are thankful about to the class. The jest of I spoke about is here:

I am glad and proud to live on a planet like Earth. Earth provides us with various things to sustain or basic needs. In overall, it can also be termed as nature.

I feel nice for having a beautiful nature, that provides us with numerous invaluable things. the beauty of flora and fauna and its diversity always captivates ma and manages to steal my breath away. The calm that wash over me when I see the nature in its true form without being disturbed or harmed by humans in any way cannot be described or rather explained in words.

I can sit and watch the birds chirping, the trees swaying, the squirrels and cuckoos playing for hours. The gentle breeze that moves in its own rhythm, the feel of its coolness against my skin is wonderful.

The nature apart from being beautiful also caters to our day to day needs. We get our fruits and vegetables from nature,  an important component of our survival that is oxygen are recycled by trees. The need of various fossil fuels and wood is met by nature and what not.

The mother nature also presents us with the aspiring examples to deal with the hardships of life, not to lose hope and courage and also how to cope up with difficult situations successfully. The story of an ant trying to climb rock is known by everyone.

So as we can see, the nature provides us with numerous things that we need for our sustenance. So it becomes our responsibility and duty to protect the mother nature from the harm that we are causing to it. It is rightly said that “NATURE CAN FULFIL ALL OUR NEEDS BUT CANNOT SUSTAIN EVEN ONE MAN’S GREED”. I think that this is an appropriate line and it is high time that we all come together and join hands to protect our nature and save it from the greed of man.

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