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Increasing Crime: A Challenge For Delhi Society

Delhi has been a peace loving city with many traditions and customs being followed. It has been a society where all forms of opinions, cultures and beliefs, respect each other and live in harmony. But unfortunately, during the last few decades,the rate of crimes in Delhi has increased a lot. This has caused concern foe the multi-dimensional society in Delhi.

A recent study shows that there are many possible reasons behind this.One of the reasons could be that people get engaged in such anti-activities due to lack of proper employment. this leads to a lot of frustration in them. Free time with youth has also potentially lead them towards crime. Yet another reason is the influence of western culture and a race towards capitalism. It causes them to look for quick means to get rich. The degradation in family values and working of parents, not being able to spend time with their children, also leads them to frustration and anger, which in turn results in increased crime rates.

The increasing crime has left the city in shock. It is needed that we take it seriously. There should be steps taken by the government as well as the society. the government should introduce strict laws in this context. The police patrolling should become strong even in the remote areas. People should be taught to deal with such problems and at the same time help others who are in need. Only with the constant and combined efforts by the government and the society, we would be able to cope up with such problems of the society.

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