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Say Something Nice

Our school curriculum devotes several periods in a week to value education classes. In these classes we are tauht various morals, etiquette and values of life. Every class we come up with a new topic and express our thought and views on the topic. Then we are expected to write about them in our assigned notebooks.

The value education classes are fun and give us a break from studies and also teaches us the important values of life. Her is what I we talked about in our last class.


According to me, it is a nice topic to discuss upon. As I explained earlier, what we do, our teacher asked us to share our views on what we are thankful about to the class. The jest of I spoke about is here:

I am glad and proud to live on a planet like Earth. Earth provides us with various things to sustain or basic needs. In overall, it can also be termed as nature.

I feel nice for having a beautiful nature, that provides us with numerous invaluable things. the beauty of flora and fauna and its diversity always captivates ma and manages to steal my breath away. The calm that wash over me when I see the nature in its true form without being disturbed or harmed by humans in any way cannot be described or rather explained in words.

I can sit and watch the birds chirping, the trees swaying, the squirrels and cuckoos playing for hours. The gentle breeze that moves in its own rhythm, the feel of its coolness against my skin is wonderful.

The nature apart from being beautiful also caters to our day to day needs. We get our fruits and vegetables from nature,  an important component of our survival that is oxygen are recycled by trees. The need of various fossil fuels and wood is met by nature and what not.

The mother nature also presents us with the aspiring examples to deal with the hardships of life, not to lose hope and courage and also how to cope up with difficult situations successfully. The story of an ant trying to climb rock is known by everyone.

So as we can see, the nature provides us with numerous things that we need for our sustenance. So it becomes our responsibility and duty to protect the mother nature from the harm that we are causing to it. It is rightly said that “NATURE CAN FULFIL ALL OUR NEEDS BUT CANNOT SUSTAIN EVEN ONE MAN’S GREED”. I think that this is an appropriate line and it is high time that we all come together and join hands to protect our nature and save it from the greed of man.

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The Eventful Day

I love reading books. It is a part of me. It makes me complete. The thrill and enjoyment I get while reading books cannot be explained in words by me. The good fictional stories always manages to steal my breath away. The refreshment I  get while reading a book is better than all other sorts of entertainment for me.

Well, since I like reading so much I thought why not try my hand in writing? So I took up a fictional story writing task for a magazine which we a class were publishing on a activity. Our topic was nuclear disaster. So here is the story:


I can’t forget that eventful day, which changed the lives of our city forever.

I was sitting in my room studying for the exam next day when suddenly the earth started to tremble. Mom shrieked and we all went outside. The earthquake felt intense enough to trigger tsunami waves. So dad started the car and we sped to a higher place for safety.

Soon the warnings started pouring in from authorities about the devastating tsunami and people were in panic evacuating their homes. We left our car due to traffic and headed uphill. Soon the tsunami waves flooded the coastal regions destroying everything that came into its path.

We weren’t high enough to avoid the waves. Soon a stream of black water, mixed with debris engultsunamifed us. We somehow managed to clutch a tree to prevent from flowing with the water. Something hit my mother’s knee and it was badly bruised.

When the water receded, we went farther uphill with mom limping and occasionally crying out in pain. After some time, some rescue workers found us and helped mom to a local hospital. After a day, mom’s knee got better.

That day, we are peacefully having our lunch when a huge explosion shook the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power station. The tsunami had knocked off its electricity supply, cutting off the cooling system, and setting in motion a series of three nuclear meltdowns. The explosion terrified local people and prompted the government to order mass evacuations within 20km of the plant. 

The doctors and nurses too fled from the hospital despite the fact that the hospital was outside the 20km area. We stayed in the hospital that day but next day we too evacuated the hospital and reached the evacuation camp where people were being airlifted to the rehabilitation camp. Mom needed medical attention and was airlifted first. It was post 2hours later when it was our turn to get airlifted.

When we reached the camp, we straightaway went to the makeshift hospital where we found mom lying in a bed with her right leg in a plaster. I rushed to my mom shrieking. We all got enveloped in a big hug and cried in tears for long. Finally we were safe!post 1

In the following days, we got to know the extent of the disaster. The 9 magnitude earthquake combined by the tsunami whose waves rose up to 40 m high had struck Japan’s mainland. The nuclear reactor meltdown had worsened the conditions. I felt proud of my fellow citizens who despite the fact that they weren’t making out of the reactor’s office alive did all in their power to minimize the effects of the meltdown.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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The Problem Of School Bags

In India, unlike the sy498782stem in foreign countries of using tablets and mobiles for the educational purposes and issuing a set of books from library for a year and then returning them, lockers in school etc, the system of education in India still based on carrying the books and notebooks to school everyday and bringing them back home continues.

Students in India are required to carry the heavy notebooks and textbooks to school everyday. This makes their bag really heavy and it really becomes a burden for them to carry it to and fro from the school.

The institutions here however, are focusing on the issue to solve the problem but it still remains unsolved. Due to these heavy backs students also complain of back and shoulder aches. The heavy bags are the real problem behind these aches. Therefore it is an important problem that need to be solved as fast as possible.

I composed a short poem on this issue. Here it goes,

                                                             “HEAVY SCHOOL BAGS”

I would like to call the child helpline

To impose on my school a big fine

For making us carry such heavy bags

All jammed with folders, books and other stacks

It causes pain in our backs

And our hunched shoulders just proves that 

Please have mercy on us 

So that carrying them becomes easy for us.

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Friends Forever

I and my friend together composed a poem on friends forever for our class, since in the freshman year i.e class 9th, all the sections get shuffled and being together with our classmates had been great. We would all miss the fun we had together and the enthusiasm, spirit, teamwork and the unity we had as a team. So here goes the poem:


Let the world change

Inside out, upside down

Front to back and all around

We’ll be friends forever you will see 

I will never, ever, ever leave

The things I want for you

Are simple and true

And to see a smile 

When you are blue

I see the stars

When I look at you…

 Let the world change

But we will remain the same 

But we will remain the same 


We are angels coming to earth

Bearing love to give all away

Look at the sky,

And you will see,

That we’ll lead one day

That we’ll lead one day

But we’ll reign today.

Hope you liked the poem. Comment if you liked it.

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The World Suffers Because Of Silence Of Good People

 As a topic for debate, we were asked to prepare for a debate for an intra-school competition against the notion “The World Suffers Because Of Silence Of Good People”. Here is the speech I decided to give for the elimination round of the debate. Lets hope I get selected for being a representative of my class in the debate.

                          “The World Suffers Because Of Silence Of Good People”

I rise here to present my case on the topic “The World suffers because of the Silence of Good people”. And I am AGAINST it.

I am of the strong opinion that before making any such categorical statement, we need to first understand, what are the real issues causing suffering to the mankind. Are they not known? Is there any lack of awareness about them? Do they make any discrimination amongst good or bad people?

Have we considered the biggest challenges today like poverty, diseases, national disaster, terrorism or even the present drought situation in many parts of India – the worst in decades.

Poverty – everybody is against it, terrorism – everybody is against it. All other issues in our society are because of people not adjusting with others and lack of opportunity. Terrorists want to punch their ideology on others by the means of violence but most of the people in this world are against this. If you take poverty most of the people want to eradicate it, majority of population wants to get rid of poverty. The precarious condition of farmers in Marathwada region is known to everybody.

And there is no silence about all this, in fact the situation is that everybody is just talking about them. Take any politician – any, he will talk about need to remove these sufferings and eventually become representative of people.

No, my friends. Silence has nothing to do with the real problems. People of Nepal suffered a lot because of the earthquake last year. We felt tremors in our school also. Is there any connection between people’s suffering there and silence of good people. No. not at all. Action matters, mere speaking does not change anything.

The matter of fact is that this world suffers because of differences and inequality. From the day when communities began to form there was difference, there was greed and there was ambition and this made some powerful and some backward.

So, there is absolutely no point in saying that this world suffers due to silence of good people because all people themselves suffer from something or the other and everybody wants sufferings to end. There is no one on this planet who is free from sufferings. Pain and happiness always go hand in hand. The true happiness lies in being content.

The speech ends here. Hope that you enjoyed reading it.

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My Vacation

Today I wrote a  poem. Hope you would like it.

Once I went for a vacation.

To do some relaxation.

On the mountain side,

To see some lovely sight,

There I saw; rivers, valleys and the sun,

In the form of its unique one.

The birds all over dancing,

And I continuously glancing.

The trees standing tall and high,

Most of them growing nearby,

The wind blowing

Through the standing trees

And I stood swaying in the breeze.


I liked the vacation,

Full of exclamation.

And the mountain side,

In the nature’s arms wide.

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The Lovely Picture

Sitting idle, I imagined a picture and wrote a poem on it. I wish that you would like it.

 Wow! What a lovely picture.

It’s the real beauty of our nature.

The mountains, the rivers and the trees,

The sun is shining brightly it seems.

The birds flying high up the sky,

The tulips dancing in the day light,

The grass singing songs, with the blowing air,

In the ears of rabbits, moving in pairs.

The snow forming a beautiful river,

Flowing continuously, looking to stop never.

The fishes swimming joyfully,

The trees standing handsomely,

In the lovely picture,

I wish I had my home there,

Near the mountains somewhere.

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The Beautiful Vase

Yesterday I was feeling bored so I composed a poem. Here it goes. Hope you would like it

A vase I saw,

In the room tonight.

Its flowers shining beautifully,

In the gloomy night.

Their petals waving,

In the cold shivering air,

The vase beckoning intently

Like a lady-lovely and fair.

Out of the window pane,

Across the lonely lane,

For someone to come,

To bring back home,

The beauty of its own.

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An Unexpected Adventure

It was actually a dream that I had. Dreams conquer everybody’s mind especially during nighttime. So it did mine too. But that looked as if it was real. I thought myself to be a captain of a ship that was off the coast of Andaman and Nicobar islands. Being a captain means you are the most powerful person present there at the moment.

I had always faced storms, small or big. As usual, I got informed by a men that a storm was occurring and it was no ordinary one. I went out to look into the situation and that was true! The sea had become violent that its waves were occasionally hitting the deck.

I soon ordered for the life boats. It seemed risky to stay on the deck. At last I was alone left on the deck with my first mate Jatin. We were alone in a life boat and were tired enough that could not row it properly. Our future and life were dependent on the waves that were they were taking us. We were so tired that we slept within seconds.

In the morning, when I got up, I could not find Jatin. I went in search for him, but ctould not find him anywhere. Then I heard some strange sounds. I went to see that from where the sounds were cominig from. I went through the bushes and saw there a few tribals. even Jatin was there tied with a rope to a tree.

I was shocked to see the state of my friend. My first thought was to jump out and save him. But then it struck me that how foolish that would be. It would only result in my immediate capture, and there was no way on earth I could overpower them by force. Those warriors looked fierce and I couldn’t control them with the small knife I had in my pocket.I needed to save Jatin. But how?

Suddenly I lost my balance and went rolling down the slope. There were a few of their children playing. They saw me and were about to shout for help when a lion jumped out of nowhere and captured a child. The rest of them ran to call for help. I was fortunate enough to carry that knife with me with which I fought the lion, ultimately saving the child.

All the tribals were there till then. The child whom I saved, ran towards them and said something in their language. I could see a sudden change of expression in their faces. I could see the gratitude and gesture in their faces. They toook me to their camp site and even untied Jatin.

We all had fun, dancing and singing. they served us a grand feast. I was really happy and thanked my stars for being lucky.

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Increasing Crime: A Challenge For Delhi Society

Delhi has been a peace loving city with many traditions and customs being followed. It has been a society where all forms of opinions, cultures and beliefs, respect each other and live in harmony. But unfortunately, during the last few decades,the rate of crimes in Delhi has increased a lot. This has caused concern foe the multi-dimensional society in Delhi.

A recent study shows that there are many possible reasons behind this.One of the reasons could be that people get engaged in such anti-activities due to lack of proper employment. this leads to a lot of frustration in them. Free time with youth has also potentially lead them towards crime. Yet another reason is the influence of western culture and a race towards capitalism. It causes them to look for quick means to get rich. The degradation in family values and working of parents, not being able to spend time with their children, also leads them to frustration and anger, which in turn results in increased crime rates.

The increasing crime has left the city in shock. It is needed that we take it seriously. There should be steps taken by the government as well as the society. the government should introduce strict laws in this context. The police patrolling should become strong even in the remote areas. People should be taught to deal with such problems and at the same time help others who are in need. Only with the constant and combined efforts by the government and the society, we would be able to cope up with such problems of the society.