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A self written play on clean drinking water

There was an class activity in which I took part. In that we needed to spread awareness on clean drinking water. I chose to write a play to explain my idea well. I think play gives us a real life story through which people can get aware and avoid such happening in their own life.  Here is a short play which I hope you would enjoy reading. Here we go-


One Act Play

Characters: Meetu, Navya and Doctor Chacha

Once, Navya went to her village to meet her grandfather and uncle. She was excited to meet her childhood friend Meetu but was shocked to see her suffering from diarrhea.

Navya: Diarrhea is caused by drinking impure water. Where does water come to your house?

Meetu: From the pond.

Navya: But it’s water is unhygienic!

Meetu: No. Whole village takes water from there.

Navya told her the harmful effects of drinking and using unclean water. But my friend didn’t seem listening. She thought it was just simple disease but didn’t know how it spreads. After seeing her reaction Navya went to the village doctor for help and gathered few neighbours and children to listen him.

Navya: “Chacha, Meetu is ill. Please let us know what caused her illness.”

Doctor Chacha: “Use of contaminated water causes lots of diseases. In our village, people take water from the open wells and ponds, where people even bath and wash our clothes. Our cattle also bath there. Many times dead animals also lie there.”

Meetu: “Does it cause any harm?”

Doctor Chacha: “Yes. It causes spread of bacteria and virus. Harmful chemicals affect our body. We should always boil water before drinking and keep surroundings clean. Never mix toxic chemicals and waste in water resources. We should make use of underground water after ensuring it doesn’t have excess salts and harmful chemicals.”

After this, the villagers together pledged to always use water carefully and wisely and Navya understood that awareness is necessary among people to make a healthier India.

So by this this post I and even you must have learnt that clean drinking water is very necesarry fot health. So we should come forward to promote using of clean water and avoid the wastage of our precious water resource of which without life is impossible!!!!

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