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Declamation: A Life Lived For Others Is A Life Well-Lived

Our school have reopened. After 2 days of the reopening, we were informed about an inter-school declamation competion being held. We were so happy to hear that and started preparing. The topic was-‘A Life Lived For Others Is A Life Well-Lived’.

I wrote the following and now I m preparing for the competition…


                               ‘A Life Lived For Others Is A Life Well-Lived’. 

To fully understand this quote from famous Scientist Albert Einstein, one has to first understand the meaning of the phrase “a life well-lived”.

My definition of the phrase “a life well-lived” is a life which is characterised by goodness, which is morally praiseworthy, a life which is valuable in its impact on others and a life which is devoted to the common good.” This is the sort of life that is marked by kindness and compassion and responding to others’ needs.

Although feeling happy and satisfied with one’s life are important individual goals, but these are hardly the only criteria for defining a life lived well, a life worthy of admiration and respect.

Many of us are trapped in what is called a “Utopia complex”, a feeling, which presents us a vision of the perfect life but ultimately leaves us anxious and unsatisfied. It leads us to restrict the purpose of our lives to the fantasies of the perfect marriage, house, family, job, holiday and things like that; and we come to believe that we deserve and are entitled to the best of everything. These fantasies insulate us from deeper and more enduring satisfactions.

But my dear friends, we should always remember that to be perpetually striving for personal happiness is to miss the point of life. Several studies on positive happiness have repeatedly shown that our greatest fulfilment comes from blessing and helping others. If things aren’t going well in our life, reaching out to help or connect with someone else, who needs an emotional lift, will always make us feel better.

The secret to a “life lived well” is to treat others as we would like them to treat us. This is the cornerstone of the good life from which all other worthwhile things are built. Love, being the most powerful, creative force in the world, is the source of all goodness. So, I fully agree with Einstein, when he says that …a life lived for others is a life lived well.

Lets see that with this I m gonna be selected for the inter-scchool competition or not.

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