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Friends Forever

I and my friend together composed a poem on friends forever for our class, since in the freshman year i.e class 9th, all the sections get shuffled and being together with our classmates had been great. We would all miss the fun we had together and the enthusiasm, spirit, teamwork and the unity we had as a team. So here goes the poem:


Let the world change

Inside out, upside down

Front to back and all around

We’ll be friends forever you will see 

I will never, ever, ever leave

The things I want for you

Are simple and true

And to see a smile 

When you are blue

I see the stars

When I look at you…

 Let the world change

But we will remain the same 

But we will remain the same 


We are angels coming to earth

Bearing love to give all away

Look at the sky,

And you will see,

That we’ll lead one day

That we’ll lead one day

But we’ll reign today.

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