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The Problem Of School Bags

In India, unlike the sy498782stem in foreign countries of using tablets and mobiles for the educational purposes and issuing a set of books from library for a year and then returning them, lockers in school etc, the system of education in India still based on carrying the books and notebooks to school everyday and bringing them back home continues.

Students in India are required to carry the heavy notebooks and textbooks to school everyday. This makes their bag really heavy and it really becomes a burden for them to carry it to and fro from the school.

The institutions here however, are focusing on the issue to solve the problem but it still remains unsolved. Due to these heavy backs students also complain of back and shoulder aches. The heavy bags are the real problem behind these aches. Therefore it is an important problem that need to be solved as fast as possible.

I composed a short poem on this issue. Here it goes,

                                                             “HEAVY SCHOOL BAGS”

I would like to call the child helpline

To impose on my school a big fine

For making us carry such heavy bags

All jammed with folders, books and other stacks

It causes pain in our backs

And our hunched shoulders just proves that 

Please have mercy on us 

So that carrying them becomes easy for us.

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Friends Forever

I and my friend together composed a poem on friends forever for our class, since in the freshman year i.e class 9th, all the sections get shuffled and being together with our classmates had been great. We would all miss the fun we had together and the enthusiasm, spirit, teamwork and the unity we had as a team. So here goes the poem:


Let the world change

Inside out, upside down

Front to back and all around

We’ll be friends forever you will see 

I will never, ever, ever leave

The things I want for you

Are simple and true

And to see a smile 

When you are blue

I see the stars

When I look at you…

 Let the world change

But we will remain the same 

But we will remain the same 


We are angels coming to earth

Bearing love to give all away

Look at the sky,

And you will see,

That we’ll lead one day

That we’ll lead one day

But we’ll reign today.

Hope you liked the poem. Comment if you liked it.

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The World Suffers Because Of Silence Of Good People

 As a topic for debate, we were asked to prepare for a debate for an intra-school competition against the notion “The World Suffers Because Of Silence Of Good People”. Here is the speech I decided to give for the elimination round of the debate. Lets hope I get selected for being a representative of my class in the debate.

                          “The World Suffers Because Of Silence Of Good People”

I rise here to present my case on the topic “The World suffers because of the Silence of Good people”. And I am AGAINST it.

I am of the strong opinion that before making any such categorical statement, we need to first understand, what are the real issues causing suffering to the mankind. Are they not known? Is there any lack of awareness about them? Do they make any discrimination amongst good or bad people?

Have we considered the biggest challenges today like poverty, diseases, national disaster, terrorism or even the present drought situation in many parts of India – the worst in decades.

Poverty – everybody is against it, terrorism – everybody is against it. All other issues in our society are because of people not adjusting with others and lack of opportunity. Terrorists want to punch their ideology on others by the means of violence but most of the people in this world are against this. If you take poverty most of the people want to eradicate it, majority of population wants to get rid of poverty. The precarious condition of farmers in Marathwada region is known to everybody.

And there is no silence about all this, in fact the situation is that everybody is just talking about them. Take any politician – any, he will talk about need to remove these sufferings and eventually become representative of people.

No, my friends. Silence has nothing to do with the real problems. People of Nepal suffered a lot because of the earthquake last year. We felt tremors in our school also. Is there any connection between people’s suffering there and silence of good people. No. not at all. Action matters, mere speaking does not change anything.

The matter of fact is that this world suffers because of differences and inequality. From the day when communities began to form there was difference, there was greed and there was ambition and this made some powerful and some backward.

So, there is absolutely no point in saying that this world suffers due to silence of good people because all people themselves suffer from something or the other and everybody wants sufferings to end. There is no one on this planet who is free from sufferings. Pain and happiness always go hand in hand. The true happiness lies in being content.

The speech ends here. Hope that you enjoyed reading it.