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My Vacation

Today I wrote a  poem. Hope you would like it.

Once I went for a vacation.

To do some relaxation.

On the mountain side,

To see some lovely sight,

There I saw; rivers, valleys and the sun,

In the form of its unique one.

The birds all over dancing,

And I continuously glancing.

The trees standing tall and high,

Most of them growing nearby,

The wind blowing

Through the standing trees

And I stood swaying in the breeze.


I liked the vacation,

Full of exclamation.

And the mountain side,

In the nature’s arms wide.

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The Lovely Picture

Sitting idle, I imagined a picture and wrote a poem on it. I wish that you would like it.

 Wow! What a lovely picture.

It’s the real beauty of our nature.

The mountains, the rivers and the trees,

The sun is shining brightly it seems.

The birds flying high up the sky,

The tulips dancing in the day light,

The grass singing songs, with the blowing air,

In the ears of rabbits, moving in pairs.

The snow forming a beautiful river,

Flowing continuously, looking to stop never.

The fishes swimming joyfully,

The trees standing handsomely,

In the lovely picture,

I wish I had my home there,

Near the mountains somewhere.

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The Beautiful Vase

Yesterday I was feeling bored so I composed a poem. Here it goes. Hope you would like it

A vase I saw,

In the room tonight.

Its flowers shining beautifully,

In the gloomy night.

Their petals waving,

In the cold shivering air,

The vase beckoning intently

Like a lady-lovely and fair.

Out of the window pane,

Across the lonely lane,

For someone to come,

To bring back home,

The beauty of its own.