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Online Shopping Experience

  Online Shopping – A Boon Or Bane…Online-shopping-main

It won’t be wrong to think that today’s world is a digital world and is shrinking day by day to the screen of a smartphone. It is shrinking every aspect of life and even the manner in which we shop is getting redefined by it.

Online shopping is a facility to buy things has taken over the traditional means of buying things. It began in 1979 whwn Micheal Aldrich, connected a modified domestic TV to a real-time transaction processing computer via a telephone line.

People usually get attracted towards the attractive offers made by the websites.Online shopping offers the customers many advantages as compared to offline shoppng. It saves the time of customers, the variety, options and prices too attract customers. The return policy and redeement of money allow people to be tentionfree while using these sites.

There have been many new sites coming up these days. There is always a rat-race among them to become the best. Some of the popular sites are Ebay, Amazon, Flipcart etc. the market share of these sites is getting captured by each passing dayand offline shopping seems to be loosing its turf.

deprives-you-of-tangibilityEach coin has its two sides. Apart from te various advantages of the online shopping, there are some drawbacks too. Eg- sometimes he customer is not able to judge the quality of the product, some dubious merchants cheat the unsuspect customers. Even online frauds, like crdit card sniffers steal passwords etc which result in people getting cheated. Despite the facts, people prefer online shooping.


In India, the rate of shopping online could be seen continuously rising. The online shopping industry is expected to touch $ 45 billion by 2020 being just $4 billion in 2013.

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Exams came to an end, that is true but the tension of result start creeping into one’s mind. Well no one can stop the results from being declared nor the result could be declared earlier. Result gives us the knowledge about how we did in the exams.

Some people are happy for their results being declared but some are even sad. I am always happy because I have always been among the top three students of the class. Some are sad because they do not get the marks as expected.

Result gives us a lead that how much hard we need to study for the next year so that we could perform better than this time.

Well, our results are going to be declared 2 days from now. I am very excited as well as nervous about the result. Lets see how I performed in the exams!!!!!!

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Holidays After Annual Exams

When annual exams get finished and the holiday starts, that becomes one of the best moments of the whole year. Every child, has peace in his/her mind and everyone thinks to do something new and creative. Of course, everyone will do the same thing as the term has come to an end and we are free to do everything and anything that we want to do.

Something similar also happened with me after I came out of the examination hall. I could see every face smiling and I could feel myself light as all the stress was over at last. No one even bothered to discuss the paper. Every single person could be seen telling that what she would do in the holidays.

We were also sad that we would be shuffled in the next year due to which our unity as a class would break down. Overall, everyone was happy as the exams as well as the stress was over.

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Navya’s Birthday

My sister Navya’s birthday has recently passed. She is now 9 year old. She is always excited to celebrate her birthday with friends. Therefore, as usual she was preety excited this year also. She celebrated her birthday with colony friends.

Everyone enjoys going to a birthday party. But, to organise a birthday party at home is a preety difficult task. One needs to organise the house, think about the menu, games and the most important thing:  return gifts.

This time I  helped my parents a lot. This was because the birthday topics have always attracted me towards it. I decorated the house and shifted things from here to there. Music part was also my responsibility. I even helped mummy in the kitchen. I helped papa with the games. We all were preety excited for the party.

At last, the time arrived when the first doorbell rang, Navya received the bell and her first friend was already there. After that one by one everyone came and Navya was very happy receiving the gifts.  We enjoyed the party as host and children enjoyed the party as guests.

After the party was over everyone congratulated Navya and went home. According to us, the party was a success. I along my family enjoyed the birthday a lot.