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In recent years the problem of pollution has become very acute. It is the industrialized west which takes it seriously, because it is suffering from its injurious effects. In India, sufficient attention has not been paid to it. If we do not tackle this problem now, future generations will suffer from the harmful effects of pollution.

This problem assumes different forms such as Air pollution, Water pollution, Soil pollution, Noise pollution and Paper pollution. Trees have been cut down, on an high scale. So the main cause of air and water pollution is unbalanced industrial growth and urbanization and deforestation.

The owners of industries dump waste material on the surface of the earth or in rivers. So, water is polluted and the waste on the earth produces different poisonous gases which pollute the air. On the other hand, forests where purity air have been cut down and new cities and industries have been established in their place. The cutting of the forests causes what is called “The Green House Effects”. It results in the heating of the earth’s surface which has serious problems for life on this planet.

Trees and plants turn carbon-dioxide into oxygen but when they are cut down, the air is not purified. Deforestation also causes soil erosion. The rich soil is either washed away by water or blown away by the wind.

Polluted water is used for watering the plants and vegetables. In this way, vegetables and crops are polluted. Pesticides are also a source of pollution to our crops, vegetables and fruits.


Most Food and snacks ready for sale at the pavement, street corner alongside the road are uncovered and dirty. They are cooked with polluted air. People are tempted to eat and taste them because of their habit and greed. These unhygienic foods are also harmful for our health.

Sound pollution is very common to all. The noise of vehicles, mills, factories, industries are really boring and unbearable. This also causes dull of hearing, headache etc.

To fight against these pollutions, we must ensure some steps. We must stop polluting the air by smoke. For that, we have to reduce the amount of petrol driven cars and vehicles on the road. We must plant more and more tree.

We should cultivate fresh vegetables so that we can reduce food pollution. We should not hear songs with a loud volume on the sound box. We should also stop the mill, factory or industry owners to build these in the city. These should be made in a planned way.

People should be made full of awareness of bad-effects of the types of pollutions created by them. Thus, we should take measures protect our nature.

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My Next Class And Summer Holidays

After the Annual Examination our holidays started and we were enjoining a lot. On the result day, I was very happy that I scored the same position this year also.

Now the new session of 2013-2014 has started. I have gone to class VII B. Our class teacher is Tr. Shabana. She is a nice teacher but at the same time she is very strict.

But now, because our summer holidays of 2 months had begun on 10 May. As usual our school had organised a summer camp of 15 days. In this camp there are two parts. one of boys, and other of girls.

For girls, there is basketball whereas for boys, there is football. Our trainer is Sir Pathak. His basketball playing is brilliant. He is one of our school teacher. He is games teacher. He is good at his words and deeds. He knows much about the recent news of the world.

Because of these qualities, we like him a lot.

The game of basketball is a very good and intersting game. With the help of this game, one’s height can extend to much. Therefore my mother said that you should play it because it is good for your health too. She also said that in every sports or game there is an hidden quality.

Some of my friends has also come to join the camp. They are- Vanshika Vikram Singh and Kosika. Our camp is still running on and I hope that till the camp is over I will be able to play basketball like my sir. Hope so.

Viewers I would like that you should also play some on the other games to increase your stamina and your brain will be developed.

Thank you.