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My Annual Examination

My have finished my annual examination. It began on 2nd March and finished on 13th March. I am very happy now.

A tension that was irritating me for several days has now come to an end. My sister has finished her examination before.

My examination finished on correct day because my sister’s birthday was coming near and I got enough time to think about a gift to give to my sister. My sister’s birthday come on 15th March.

From the day on which I have finished my exam, I tension has set in my mind that rank I will be scoring in my class.

When this tension is wothering me, on the same time I am busy with my day -to-day activities like watching T.V., playing, working on computer etc.


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Infinite Mirror

 A exhibition is going to be held in my school. Every year a exhibition is organised and every year I make something on the other. But this time I wanted to make something special.
I searched throughout the internet and at last I found this. ‘THE INFINITE MIRROR’. I decided to make this only. I asked my father to bring the materials and help.
So when my father bought the materials our whole family set out to work and at last made a beautiful infinite mirror.
To make proceed as given.

 You’ll Need

  • A mirror and two way mirror the same size as your mirror.
  • set of LED string lights or fairy bulbs.
  • mirrored window film. (available at car shops)
    1. a picture frame for the mirror and another for the glass.
    2. Some wooden spacing splines for the frames and bulbs.
  • Prepare the glasses by making them perfectly clean.
  • Spray the glasses with a little water and a drop of wash liquid.
  • Take the roll of window film and cut a piece a couple of inches bigger than the mirror.
  • Remove the backing from the window film and lay it over the glass pane. Smooth out any bubbles and leave to dry.
  • Once dry leave to one side for later.
  • Prepare the mirror in its frame and make another frame to go over the original to give more depth with the wooden splines. about 2.5 inch to 3 inch is ideal for this.
  • Drill holes big enough for the lights to push into on the frame you just made. About half way in the width of the wood and evenly around the entire frame.
  • Glue this frame to the mirrors frame.
  • Get the glass you mirrored and fit it also into its frame.
  • Glue the glass mirror you made over the original mirror and frame.
  • Then switch on your lights.

Have a lots of fun!