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My Nana Ji’s Silver Jubilee

On 30th  november 2012 was my Nana Ji’s Silver Jubilee. It was held in the Jaypee Palace Hotel in Agra. It was the only hotel in which my mama’s aniversary was there.

But it was not the same room but it was the room just infront of it. On that day, a couple had and anniversary before marriage in the room where was our mama’s aniversary before marriage.

They also had a special welcome. Nana ji was taken to his seat in a scene of a barat and nani was taken in  the scene how womens usually come.

We had the party at night. We went to the hotel at 6 o’clock and had gone to the home in the midnight nearly at 2 o’clock. We had a skit on their life before marriage and their life after the marriage. We had dance and lots of fun.

The cake was also there. It was three layered weighing nearly 4 to 5 kilos.

After the cake was cut they danced and after that my nani sang a song. After all the programes were over we had oue dinner. After that we rested as we were tired and then a trolly came to take the gifts.

To my astonishment, the trolly was overloaded still the gifts were not finished.

At the last, we again wished the couple about their silver anniversary.

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First Video On YouTube

Navya is my sister. She had made a simple origami out of paper. She had made a paper joker.

To see that on YouTube write’Paper Joker, Paper Art for kids’

You can see this video here also.

I have done all the editing of this video with the help of my father. I have done editing with VirtualDub I have also done the vediography of it. As it was the first vedio of my sister, navya, it was also my first editing of the vedio.

In this not only I have learned the editing and vediography but alao how to paste a vedio to our own blog.