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National Team Selection, State Team Match And Learning Skating On Hiper

As I told in the previous post that I like skating very much. Now I will tell you about how I came into the U.P. hockey on skating team.

As I told you that after coming to banaras I practice with all my friends. All my friends practice hockey on skates but as I could not have perfect balance on skates. So, my sir says that you balance on skates very well but you should balance more so that you can play hockey while skating.

First I was confused that how all my friends balance on skates while playing hockey? Then after one or two week my sir said that you should buy one hockey and a ball. the next day I brought the ball and the hockey with me. Then he said that slowly and slowly you run with the ball and he showed me how to do it.

When I was doing hockey on skating My ball was just running here and there. Then he called me and he gave me a tip. The tip was that the ball should not go out of your control and and it should be in the touch of hockey stick. According to the the tip when I was running my speed was too slow.

Now sir said that you will do skating on hiper. Hiper’s wheels are just rolling here and there. I could not understand that how to balance on hiper. On hipers I was falling down backwards and hurting myself. But slowly and slowly I can run very fast on hipers too.

Now the main point was that how I will do hockey on hiper? First the ball was just going anywhere else and I was going anywhere else.But I recovered fast. Sir was very happy about seeing this. Now I can run fast on the skates with hockey.Now I sir said that you have improved very much. Keep it up.

Now the state team selection was there in Aligarh. It was held in Aligarh University. It is like B.H.U. but it is not as big as B.H.U. and not as famous as it. But it is one of the biggest University of India.

My father had also studied in it as he belonged to Aligarh. I was very exited to see it as he had promised that he will show that where he had studied.

He also showed me how he used to eat a plate of sambar dosa in 50 paise. He also showed the canteen from where he used to eat the sambar dosa. It was a large canteen with small gardens. It also has a large library.
Then the competition was held and I have been selected for the national level. Now I was very happy.
I will talk about it in fuher post.