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My Hobby, Skating

Skating is one of my hobby which I like very much.  I started my skating when I was nearly five to six years old, when papa bought my first skates. Here I will tell you how I started my journey in the world of skating.

I like skating very much. When I started skating we were living in Meerut. In our house there was a park and around it was a thin road where I practice. First when I started skating I used the ordinary skates.First I thought that it was very difficult to balance on the skates. I thought this because it was my beginning to learn skates and I was very afraid that I may fall on the ground and dis balance myself.

First when I started skating, my papa helped me stand on skates. I always go on the that thin road and practice in the evening. I used to put headgear,hand-pads, knee-pads etc so that I may not fall. I do this because when I fall I can’t practice skating for two to three days till the wound doesn’t heel properly.

There I have no teacher to train me how to do well skating. I just do it as I want. When my father come in the evening  he used to run around the ground and I used to catch him. In this sometimes I fall badly and hurt myself. Then father used to tells me that in skating people fall very badly and even broke their bones.

Slowly, slowly, I learnt to skate well and I fall very less. Then I started to like skating. I used to practice it for two to three hours till I was totally tired. At that time I started to gain speed on skates.

Then we were transferred from Meerut to Banaras. Banaras is also called Varanasi or Kashi. It is famous for its ghats, temples and specially for pan and sarees. It has Kashi Vishvanath Temple where people come from all over the country to do the pooja of ” Lord Shiva ” here. Banaras has also the Banaras Hindu University where people from all over the world come to study.

When we reached Banaras we didn’t know anything. Everything was very new for us. Everything was just apposite of what we have thought. After a month we started going to school. Soon after that papa had a membership in ” The Banaras Club”.

There I started learning skating there. There I got a sir who taught me how to do the skating. There I learnt very well. I also got friends there. I was the smallest among them. All my friends were in the junior group and and only I was in the sub-junior group. I sometimes also practiced in the Nagar Nigam Stadium of Banaras.
Skating helps me to be fresh and make me mentally and physically fit. I feel much better that before when I do skating.
Doing practice and practice I reached the state level and then the national level. About this I will talk it in the next post.
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Experience On My Result Day

It is the post which is related to my result’s day. I finished my exam on 15 th of march and my sister, navya had finished it on 5th march before Holi. This time Holi was celebrated on 6th march.

After the finishing of exam, all the time I was nervous. I often use to ask myself that what will be my result? Have I  done better in my final exam than in my half-early exam?

It was a day before when our result was going to be declared. It was evening and we were praying to god that my hard-work which I have done in class 5th may be successful and at the same time navya was also praying that her hard-work which she may be successful.

Just then a phone call came and my mummy answered to it. To her surprise, it was the phone call of navya’s teacher. She had done it for some important work. She has done it to ask papa to write a page that why they like the Montessori concept.

Actually, in our school there is a concept of Montessori and the concept of U.K.G and L.K.G. But navya got admitted in Montessori section. That is why her teacher had asked navya as she is a good girl of her class to bring it.

Just then, when the talk between mummy and navya’s teacher was going to over mummy asked navya’s teacher that navya has came first or not.So she said that you don’t tell navya about it but she has came first.

After the finishing of the talk mummy only said that navya’s teacher has asked us to bring a page that why they like the Montessori concept. So, papa made and printed it in his office.

Finally, it was 27th march, the day when our result was going to be declared. In the morning I and my sister was being ready for school. Both of us were very nervous.

Mummy and papa were also being ready as they have to give the page to her teacher.Mummy and papa also brought a camera to school so that they could take the photo when I and navya will be taking the prize.

When we reached to the school mummy and papa went to side and I went into my class line and navya too went near her class line. I started talking with my friends and they also told me that they were also being very nervous.

After some time the assembly started and the the prize started to be distributed.

When navya got the prize of coming first I clapped very much. The photo alongside this text is showing navya taking prize.

Just then when navya got the prize my class teacher, teacher Shina said to me Saumya and Nikita to go and stand near the stage. Saumya and Nikita are my to best friends.

We were confused that why teacher sent us near the stage. We thought that she gave us punishment. But then we thought may be we were the rank holders. After some time our name was called one by one. We were very exited.

This photo alongside is showing me the taking prize of coming second.

I was very happy that I got second position in my class.Nikita came third and Saumya came first.

I was so much happy because this was first time when I came second in my class. Till now in every class I got third position.

After some time the assembly was over. All the prize were distributed. All the children went to their own classes and the rest of the report cards were distributed.

Then the teachers allowed us to go to our homes. We all said to our class teachers that we will miss you.

We all went out and I met my parents. They were very happy. Mummy and papa had many photos with both of us.

The  photo alongside is the photo with mummy.

The photo alongside is the photo with papa.
After the photos papa and mummy congratulated us. Then we went home.
After we reached home, we ate breakfast and papa and mummy started planning that how we would spend our day.
So after the final decision, mummy started to make the lunch and we both started playing. After we played we ate the lunch and went to sleep.
After some time we woke up.
My nana and nani made a phone call asked us about the result. Mummy had told them before that our result will be declared on 27th march. Like that, many others also phoned us to know about the result.
In the evening, we went to market and we did shopping. We ate burger and many junk food. After some time we went to dinner.
Then it was night time. It was around 9:30 pm. We went home happily and as we were tired we changed our dress and did our daily rutien (what we do before  sleeping, like brushing our teeth, drinking milk  etc.) Before sleeping mummy and  papa again congratulated us and we went to sleep at night.
This was my experience which I can share with you all.